Weekday Lunch Fix

Lunch has never been so rewarding, both for your appetites and wallet. Enjoy 20% off your lunch bill and share this rewarding meal with your family, friends or colleagues.

Available from 18 May - 30 May.

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Daily Thirst Quenchers

A meal would not be complete without a drink! Add value to your lunch or dinner with a soft drink (RM4) or juice (RM6) for a satisfying end-of-meal treat.

Available from 15 May - 30 May.

Bento Goodness on Weekends

Discover your Shangri-La dining experience with selected bento boxes at 20% off, prepared by our very own chefs at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Available from 16 May - 30 May.

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Rice Dumpling Specials

Early Bird Offer
15% discount on all Rice Dumplings purchased between 26 May to 10 June 2020

Available from 26 May - 25 June.

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