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Supreme Sushi Selection

This is your happy sushi place! With a wide variety of premium and quality options, you'd be spoilt for choice.

Dim Sum Galore

You win some, you dim sum! Feast on our delicious selection of Dim Sum with favourites including steamed salted egg yolk custard bun, mashed yam dumpling stuffed with minced chicken, deep-fried bean curd rolls with chives and shrimps, and more!

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Mahjong Themed Cookies with Chocolate Slab

RM 158.00

Traditional Kuih Kapit Roll in Jar

RM 78.00

Red Macaron

RM 128.00

Chinese New Year Themed Cupcake

RM 128.00

Assorted "Wealthy" Praline

RM 178.00

Togetherness Gift set

RM 68.00

Jade Premium Gift Set

RM 888.00

Prosperity Premium Treasure

RM 3888.00

Treasure Delight

RM 908.00

Fish-shaped Nian Gao

RM 148.00

Poon Choi, 3 persons 金玉聚满堂盆菜3位

RM 588.00

Yee Sang - Korean Snow Pear 韩国津梨捞生

RM 148.00

Abalone Poon Choi, 6 persons 鲍罗万有盆菜 6位

RM 1538.00

Premium Chinese New Year Afternoon Tea Takeaway Set

RM 188.00

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