METHI MALAI MURGH (Creamy Chicken Curry with Fenugreek Leaves)

Chef Devender Sigh brings a breath of fresh air to the Indian buffet station with a traditional North Indian delicacy - Methi Malai Murgh. This creamy chicken curry dish with Fenugreek Leaves is mild in heat yet full of flavour. Simmered until tender, Methi Malai Murgh is the perfect comfort food for the monsoon season.

(Creamy Chicken Curry with Fenugreek Leaves)

  • Preparation: 10 persons


  • 1 kg Chicken (cut, without skin)

For the marinade:

  • 15 Garlic Cloves / 3 nos Fresh Ginger / 8 nos Dry Red Chilies

For spice masala powder:

  • 20 gm Cumin Seeds / 30 gm Black Pepper Corns / 2 pcs Star Anise / 2 pcs Cinnamon Stick
  • 6 Green Cardamoms / 12 cloves Garlic / 20 gm Coriander Seeds / 5 pcs Bay leaves
  • 3 nos Onions /3 tbsp Sunflower Oil / 1.5 cups Skimmed Milk
  • 5 tbsp Heavy Cream / 3 tbsps Dried Kasoori Methi


  1. Marinate chicken with paste and keep in fridge for 3 -4 hours.
  2. Roast coriander seeds & bay leaves lightly and grind to powder. Mix remaining spices powder together without roasting and keep aside.
  3. Roast onion paste till little browned. Add in marinade and chicken, stir and cook on medium heat till chicken and masala paste mixture starts releasing its own fat.
  4. Add in oil & stir to mix well. Next, add powder spices and sauté till the chicken is done.
  5. Pour in the milk, adjust seasoning and bring the pot to a boil. Next, pour in heavy cream and crushed kasoori Methi.
  6. Mix well and cook for another 3 -4 mins till the aroma of fenugreek is absorbed into the gravy.