Crab Sushi Roll Wrapped with "KINSHI TAMAGO" (Shredded Egg Crepe)

Kinshi Tamago or shredded egg crepe, a substitute to wrap sushi rolls is widely used in celebratory dishes today. Prepared à la minute at the sushi station, the freshness of the crab meat, cucumber and tender rice coupled with fluffy egg crepe will be a scrumptious delight.

Crab Sushi Roll Wrapped with "KINSHI TAMAGO"
(Shredded Egg Crepe)


  • 200 gm Sushi Rice / 50 gm Rice Vinegar / 6 pcs Nori Seaweed Sheet
  • 100 gm Crab Meat / 20 gm Cucumber / 3 nos Egg
  • 50 gm Sugar / 100 ml Dashi Broth


  1. Cook Japanese rice and cool it down. Stir with rice vinegar and prepare to roll.
  2. Add a handful of sushi rice to nori seaweed. Flip over the rice and nori mat and add crab meat. Aim for approximately 2cm width in the center of the nori.
  3. Placing your thumbs underneath the maki roll, use your fingers to hold the crab meat salad in place and roll your thumbs to your fingers.
  4. Heat up pan and pour in your egg mixture to make a thin crepe. Let it cool down and prepare to wrap.
  5. Place egg crepe underneath the maki roll that was prepared earlier.
  6. Cut sushi roll into even pieces and serve.