Operating Hours

12noon - 2.30pm (Daily)

6.30pm - 10.30pm (Daily)

New Izakaya Menu at Zipangu

Every Thursday, between 1 -28 February, 6.30pm- 10.30pm

Experience the new Izakaya menu at Zipangu every Thursday evening for RM199 nett per person.

Spicy Edamame, Chilled Tofu, Potato Salad, Octopus with Wasabi, Soba Salad with Seasoned Capelin Roe, Avocado Sashimi and more.

Hot Appetiser
Oden Hot Pot, Seafood Spicy Soup, Dashimaki Tamago and more.

Sushi & Sashimi
Yellow Tail, Tuna, Salmon, Special “EHOMAKI” Roll, Sea Eel, Soft Shell Crab Hand Roll, Butter Fish and more.

Grilled Dish
Grilled Mackerel, Grilled Salmon, Squid Teriyaki, Chicken Yakitori and more.

Rice & Noodle
Udon Noodle (hot/cold), Ramen Noodle in Miso Flavoured Soup, Garlic Fried Rice and more.

Deep- Fried & Dish
Tempura Prawn, Deep-fried Tofu, Crab Croquette, Vegetable Tempura and more.

Tofu Steak, Baby Scallop, Beef Steak, Japanese Style Hamburger, Grilled Yaki-Soba Noodle, Teppanyaki Lamb Chops and more.

Black Sesame Ice Cream, Matcha Ice Cream and Assorted Fresh Fruit Slices.