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Lobby Lounge Serves Up New Baijiu Cocktails

The usual concoction involving vodka, Midori, and white rum gets a revamp!
Be adventurous and try Lobby Lounge’s new range of Baijiu cocktails.

Gratitude: The combination of Baijiu, Vodka, Ginger and Lime Juice, Honey Syrup and Ginger Beer gives this number a pleasant mix of sweet and sour notes.
Heaven’s Gate: If floral is more your type of cocktail, sip on this heavenly mix of White Rum, Baijiu, Cointreau, Osmanthus & Green Tea and Lemon Juice. Flowery and fresh, yet strong.

High Rise: A fan of sparkling wine will appreciate this concoction! Enjoy this oriental inspired number of Baijiu, Midori, Lemon Juice and Prosecco as day turns to night.