Operating Hours

12noon - 2.30pm (Daily)

6.30pm - 10.30pm (Daily)

Izakaya Specials at Zipangu

6 February 2020 onwards

Available every Thursdays
6:30PM to 10:30PM
RM199 nett per person

Izakaya is a type of informal Japanese gastropub, Zipangu poises to satiate the taste buds of diners with a unique dining experience that resembles the popular Izakaya dining scene in Japan, where people come together for some joyous moments, along with excellent food and drinks, mainly after work.

Indulge in over 70 delicious dishes from the eat-all-you-can Izakaya menu which features a variety of appetisers, sushi and sashimi, deep-fried specialities, grilled dishes, teppanyaki, rice, noodles and desserts - all prepared by an experience kitchen team led by Japanese Executive Chef, Nao Takeshita.