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  Tasty Ways with Puffer Fish at Zipangu
From 3 to 30 November

Puffer fish or fugu is served in different styles at Zipangu.

  Hairy Crabs
at Shang Palace

Till 17 November

It’s the season for hairy crabs, and at Shang Palace you can enjoy the crabs steamed, in a soup or in a sauce with other dishes.

  Claypot Dishes
at Shang Palace

From 3 to 30 November

Claypot dishes with meat, seafood and vegetables are a hot draw at Shang Palace.

  New and Delectable
at Lafite

From 6 November Onwards

It’s a new menu at Lafite, both a la carte and degustation.

  Happy Hour Offers
at Arthur’s Bar & Grill

From 1 November Onwards

Enjoy Happy Hour deals on beer and wine at Arthur’s Bar & Grill.

  Whisky and Brandy Cocktails
at Lobby Lounge

Till 30 November

A variety of cocktails based on whisky and brandy will be offered at the Lobby Lounge throughout the day.