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  Autumn Specials
at Zipangu

From 2 to 31 October

Turnip, purple sweet potatoes, apples, Spanish mackerel and the Pacific saury are autumn specialities in Japan and they are in the special menu at Zipangu.

  Whisky and Brandy Cocktails
at Lobby Lounge

From 1 October to 30 November

A variety of cocktails based on whisky and brandy will be offered at the Lobby Lounge throughout the day.

  Hairy Crabs
at Shang Palace

From 28 October to 17 November

It’s the season for hairy crabs, and at Shang Palace you can enjoy the crabs steamed, in a soup or in a sauce with other dishes.

at Arthur’s Bar & Grill

From 20 to 30 October

Celebrate Oktoberfest with Erdinger draft beer in a special mug.

at Arthur’s Bar & Grill

On 31 October

Cocktails to thrill on Halloween at Arthur’s Bar & Grill.

  Three Sumptuous Nights
of Seafood
at Lemon Garden Cafe

Get your fill of the freshest crabs, prawns, oysters, mussels, clams and more on three seafood nights - Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

  The Private Room By Christofle at Lafite

It’s exclusive dining on a 6-course menu in The Private Room by Christofle, the master craftsmen of silver in France since 1830.

  An Hour of Set Lunch
at Lafite or Else…

The sand timer is set for an hour, for your two-course set lunch at Lafite.